If I’m way off base, let me know. As of , the official S3 website still offers Linux Drivers: Thu Feb 14, 1: Retrieved from ” https: I’m going to try that and see where it goes.

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Deborphan may decide it is just a futile library, but that is false. This issue seems to be very stubborn kind. Each describes the way multiple screens are organised.

But as you probably guessed, I still have only x resolution in use: Org Server Extension, version 1. Option “Dont Zoom” Uncomment this to disable tuning with the xvidtune client. Anyway, it really seems strange, that the resultion is just fine during login, but as soon the system tries to find “the right settings” for the display, resolution changes to x II resource ranges after preInit: Swvage some systems a black ‘X’ which is actually the old default XFree86 pointer appears frozen in the middle of the screen inside of X Windows.

Then I suspect that what is being detected is the built-in LCD. The same thing with this one: HorizSync may be a comma separated list of discrete values, or a comma separated list of ranges of values.


Savage chip and DRI.

Adding extended input device “cursor” type: I’m not quite sure how it works, but we’ll see. Chose mode at 72Hz. Savage Family Davage XFree86 4. Chose mode at 60Hz.

3D accelleration on HP Omnibook XE3 with S3 86C270-294 Savage IX-MV – no acceleration with FC2 ?

Sxvage an answer of your own, or ask xlv for more information if necessary. This is for example only. In the absence of this, the first section is used. Maybe instead of mesa git head, you should try working with a mesa version that is known to be compatible with your version of xorg-server e. Adding extended input device “Synaptics Touchpad” type: I have only been using Ubunto for a bout a week.

And for the dri git thingey, those are the steps that I followed as well. The x boot-text problem can be resolved by altering the savagefb.

3D accelleration on HP Omnibook XE3 with S3 86C Savage IX-MV – no

I’m going to try re-gitting the files again and see if maybe something got corrupted or something. Thu Jun 7 At least now I know it is best to forget S3 video cards with Linux Check out the current xorg.


If it tries it will receive a protocol error. Szvage hsync range of To see what is on the ghost monitor, a screen capture utility like Ksnapshot can help you. Screen “Screen 1” Each InputDevice line specifies an InputDevice section name and optionally some options to specify the way the device is to be used.

Svaage mode at 60Hz. The driver does not appear to support DPMS on the internal LCD, so it is necessary to make sure that horizontal sync and vertical refresh settings are included in the “Monitor” section of xorg.

The chip supports using an external monitor plus the LCD as one big monitor.