Click the Driver tab, then click Update Driver button. Reboot your system when prompted. Remove the network driver and NIC software. Click Install with Diagnostic program to install both the driver and the NIC diagnostic program, or click Install without Diagnostic program to install the driver only. Double-click the My Computer icon. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The Software is licensed to be used on any workstation or any network server owned by or leased to you, provided that the 3c90-5tx is used only in connection with a 3Com NIC.

This problem has been found on multiple systems and with other manufacturer’s PCI devices.

In most cases, any combination of parameters can be used. Troubleshooting If a message appears, stating that Windows NT networking is not installed, either it has not been installed or a problem has occurred in changing the network settings.

Click Networks in the Network Setup window. The computer in which the NIC is eherlink may be defective.

Consult your PC’s documentation for the proper steps to disable this option. For non-NetWare environments, install the client software as specified by your network operating system vendor. Limited warranty – parts and labor – etherpink – carry-in. Turn the computer on. It is important to update both the driver and the Windows diagnostic software together.


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Click the Adapters tab. To install the network NIC, click Drivers. After checking the appropriate boxes, click OK. These features should be configured by system administrators only. The device is now shared. Power fst the PC, start Windows 95, and then install Windows EXE utility when creating the Answer File.

Click the Update button. The installation may ask for network parameter input.

Right click on the Network Neighborhood icon. This file is an example of an installation for a Workgroup ; configuration. Further, no license is granted 3d905-tx you in the human readable code of the Software source code.

Read Only–no user can write to or delete your shared files and folders. If you have another PCI NIC that does not support shared interrupts for example, a SCSI host NICeither contact the manufacturer for a shared interrupt driver or try running the system setup program to assign it a different interrupt. Use, reproduction or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in subparagraph a through d of the Commercial Computer Software – Restricted Rights clause at 48 C.


To install the driver for the NIC, click Drivers.


This problem has observed only in this model of the NetServer and not on other machines of the NetServer line. Remote Wake-Up is fash in PCs that have the following items: Manually, from the root directory of the EtherCD or EtherDisk diskette 2, by typing the following command: This name must be unique.

For this reason, do not use the Update button on the Adapter tab of the Network control panel. This problem can be avoided by pressing the PC’s reset button if your PC has one or by turning the PC completely off before restarting.


Such warranties and limitations of liability are incorporated herein in their entirety by this reference. Press [Enter] to continue the server installation. With a command keyword specified, it gives the parameter choices for that particular command.