I installed it and ran the clean function about 4 times and I now have color. Paper types The HP Deskjet c series printer can print on the following paper types:. Surfing through Internet I discovered this page and applied your solution on one of my cartridges. Try Moe’s Roller Rejuvenator http: I had one at home for almost 8 years and only put in ink. A cartridge has failed or is empty. About Selecting the About button will display the printer driver’s About dialog box.

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Index card, x mm 5 x 8 inches European A6 card, x mm 4. Select the Properties or Setup button and then the Preferences tab.

Thanks, thanks, thanks again, p – anonymous girl. Both replaced with brand new Cathridges, done all the cleaning and sample test. HP is selling far too many ink cartridges to those who don’t know the soak trick. It took a couple cleaning cycles until the ink wasn’t watery, but it works fine now.

The internal tests will not verify whether the computer-to-printer connection pdint working properly, except when the sample page is generated from the Toolbox. Mine does the same thing and I’ve prin all the same with no change. Has anyone noticed that when you use the HP utility to align your cartridge, the picture of the test page supplied by HP shows only pink and black ink?


How does HP install software and gather data? It was original color HP cartridge, one that comes with printer.

HP Deskjet 1220C Professional Series Printer – Preferences Tab

I’ve tried to spread the word so others might benefit. When the document is ready to print, select File and Print from within pgint software application.

If you look on that silver square you can actually see several small drops of the magenta. I’m not sure but it was probably whatever the Gutenprint version for Snow Leopard was.

HP DeskJet C Prints only Pink & Black | FixYourOwnPrinter

Now it works again Logic also says there is nothing to loose at this point. So I conclude that it does not print blue color. Blue, yellow, printt perfect. To ensure the longest shelf life for unused cartridges store them in a cool place and keep them upright as they would be hanging on a store display.

Had two sets of cartridges. Not sure this is the same as the pink-and-black problem. Change any other print settings, if desired, and select OK.

Reviews: HP-DeskJetC-Standard-Inkjet-Printer | eBay

Main Paper tray Raise the Output tray and fully extend the paper width and length adjusters. The fact remains, – the water trick, hot, boiling, cold, let dry. The problem is the same: When I recently replaced a colour cartridge for my C I used an old one I bought about 2 years ago. So if the soak doesn’t seem to be working for you just keep soaking. To determine if the cartridge set can produce the correct basic colors, run the “Clean The Print Cartridges” function under Services in the printer driver properties.


Also if you want to save time from having to soak then test it in the printer, try the “Press the printhead on a tissue” method suggested by wonderdog. Can anyone say if this could be virus related?

I still have to try and return a couple to Staples without packaging or store receipt! Wish I had found this thread before. I have printed scrapbook paper backgrounds since the soak and will print more tonight. Read HP’s faq’s and applied their fixes.